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Here, still evolving slowly, is our first shot at a photo gallery. The content is mostly shots taken during our many trips to Paris, but really of whatever strikes our fancy. We call it "Visits to Paris," but some miscellaneous other stuff has begun to creep in.

Visits To Paris (and other places)-- Photo Gallery

Shots from various visits to Paris, from various side trips, and especially from visits with our great friends and near-family, the Armands, both in Paris and at their home near Grenoble. Click photo to enlarge.

Jon, Demaris, Cora, Elise - Pacific beach - April 2019

Elise - first Pacific beach visit - April 2019

Elise - more Pacific beach visit - April 2019

View from the new home - April 2019

La Cigogne, beautiful retreat north of Bordeaux - June 2005

Walking with the Liscios - Paris July 2005

The Armands visit us - Paris 2007

Cafe Scene - Paris 2008

We visit the Armands - Eybens 2009

Our favorite cafe, near Saint Sulpice - Paris April 2012

Time for a "pression" at the Bar de la Croix Rouge - Paris 2012

We don't always do this when we dine in - Paris 2012

Looking from our garden into the apartment - Paris 2012

April sun on our private garden - Paris 2012

Place Abbesses from our apartment - Paris 2013

Snow in Paris? Here is proof. Place Abbesses - January 2013

Demaris on rue Elzevir in the Marais - October 2013

Sidney Hess, et al., visited - Montmartre October 2013

La Pomponette with neighbor Chris - Montmartre October 2013

Demaris at breakfast at our gite at Lamotte-Beuvron - October 2013

And this is a typical dinner there . . . really superb!

Demaris at Romorantin - October 2013

Mme Martine Vallon showed us Bourges - October 2013

More of Bourges - Martine explains - October 2013

My Dad's 1917-1918 airbase near Romorantin - Pruniers October 2013

Pruniers Air Base - We meet their Mirage III - Pruniers October 2013

From a side trip to Ghent, Belgium - November 2013

A lazy afternoon - 7 rue Elzevir, Paris, 1 November 2014

In the Parc des Buttes Chaumont Paris 13 November 2014

With the Delacours at Versailles, 9 November 2014

With the Nicots - Paris, 23 November 2014

Sunrise in Montmartre - November 2015